• Paseo de los Monos: A view of wild animals in the middle of a botanical garden

    In the middle of a dense tropical vegetation, we offer ecological and colourful trails with native forest that invites you to take a walk in nature. You can observe and photograph monkeys and coatis walking through the trees, birds in the search of food, hummingbirds pollinating flowers, butterflies, turtles, frogs and a variety of ants and insects. As you pass through the Peccari´s park, you will be followed by the spider monkeys who are walking the arboreal tunnels until the river Chilcayacu, a tributary of River Puyo. The river is clean and clear which permits our visitors to cool down and relax in the middle of the jungle as in a natural spa.

  • Tours in the jungle

    We organize trips in the jungle from one to four days for visiting the indigenous communities. You will be taken to a beautiful walk into the jungle until a sacred fall where you can swim. Later, on your visit to the Shuar community, you will drink chicha (traditional drink) and enjoy the delicious maito. There is the option to navigate the great river Puyo and get to the highest viewpoint where you can admire the huge Pastaza River bordered by an impenetrable jungle.

    We collaborate with a professional tourist agency Native Jungle Tours that provides us with professional guides.
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  • Shamanism and healing

    Here in Amazonia we are in close contact with real indigenous healers and shamans with international reputation. They are capable of curing diseases when western medicine is powerless. If you know a person in this situation, do not hesitate to make contact with us.

  • Ayahuasca

    In Paseo de los Monos we organize Ayahuasca or Yage ceremonies. This traditional and ancient medicinal drink of the Amazonian culture is meant for people who want to know more of the deep self. It is also used to solve inherited problems, analyse particular situations in a close encounter with Nature.