Your support to our cause is very important for developing our projects. We don’t receive any help from the government and we depend on persons and institutions that can donate resources for the animal´s wellbeing.

  • Materials for our clinic
    You can donate medical equipment (syringes, adhesive plasters, antibiotics, painkillers and probiotics) and a microscope.

  • Field materials
    Tools, GPS, trap cameras to monitor animal behaviour, scientific literature, raincoats and rubber boots.

  • Food supplements
    The rescue centre receives animals with very poor health and special diet preparations are required.  Weak animals need alimentary supplements like ENSURE PLUS, vitamins and minerals, special diet preparations for mammals, birds and reptiles.

  • Construction materials

    Animals need a minimum amount of infrastructure to ensure their safety. We always need electro welded meshes, nets, galvanized pipes, cement, rods.

  • Bank deposit
    Your donation may also be done in cash for the acquisition of materials.


Yvan Bouvier

Banco Pichincha
Av. Alberto Zambrano y Cueva de los Tayos
Puyo/Pastaza, Ecuador

Cuenta No 220 443 04 99

Transfer directly from your bank or use a service like Xoom.


Each of our protected animals have their own history and personality. You can choose to sponsor one of them and help directly in their recovery and wellbeing by making a regular donation. In return for your help, you will receive news/photo/video of your little one, an invitation to spend three days in the Paseo de los Monos and a surprise gift.


It’s a 5 months old baby who was born in captivity at a zoo in Puyo. When his mother died, the baby woolly monkey was delivered to Paseo de los Monos. Here, we intend to take care of him until he can be inserted to a troop of monkeys in the jungle. The baby monkey demands a 24 hours attention. We provide him with a special diet that covers his nutritional requirements and it is very expensive. In the future, we hope that Michael accepts his new troop and can live free in one of the parks of native forest intended to preserve his species.


This kinkajou was put in captivity and cruelly tied up from his waist since he was a baby by unconscious people who kept him as a pet. The baby kinkajou was rescued from captivity by the environmental police of Ecuador and arrived at Paseo de los Monos. We named him Kinky and was raised for several months giving him protection and food. Kinky is now a young adult and is living with his partner, a small olingo named Pamela. Today, both animals live in a large enclosure connected by air tunnels that allows them to move through the jungle at night. By sponsoring Kinky we can improve their living conditions and build infrastructure that will allow us to rescue more kinkajous and olingos.


In January 2016 we witnessed the birth of a spider monkey and we named her Anita. This monkey lives inside an enclosure with her parents. We have planned to expand her surroundings so that the baby has more space and mobility, which will give her the opportunity to develop a more normal behaviour in the future along with her group. To sponsor Anita will allow us to make a better infrastructure for her when we acquire the necessary materials.


Shortly after her birth, little Misha lost her mother at the hands of hunters. The same people who killed her mother found this baby completely alone and decided to bring her to a rescue center. Misha arrived at Paseo de los Monos and she is the first Amazonian feline that we had the opportunity to rescue in the shelter. Our technical staff and biologist took care of her for few months until she was able to feed by herself. Today, she is a healthy and playful animal living in a patch of forest. By sponsoring Misha, we will be able to get her the food she needs and improve her environment in order to rescue more abused or orphan ocelots like her.