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The newly arrived orphans have transformed Paseo de Los Monos into day care:

Emmanuelle Macron de Los Monos, this baby sloth was rescued from the hands of people  who were eating his mom.
Jimmy Hendrix  de Los Monos, this olingo proceeds from another Zoo in Puyo.
Jackie Brown de Los Monos, baby chorongo found in a street in Puyo.
Bella de Los Monos, white capuchin, born in Paseo de los Monos and rejected by her mother.

Manu2 Jimmy Jackie Bella2 Bella y Jackie

With the help of our precious volunteers, we regularly renew the toys and installations of our protected animals. Volunteers will help and transport the sawdust to feed the plants as well.

DSCN3841 woodsand woodsand2 DSCN3843

Paseo de Los Monos has become an unmissable stop for the large family of travelers on a camper.

Caravane Famille Jean-Louis Les voyageurs
We host two tamarinds, too domesticated for a release: Mancha de Los Monos and John Travolta de Los Monos for whom we build a large house filled with vegetation that will attract the insects that this monkeys love to include in their diet.
John Travolta


Paseo de los Monos continues its rescue operations for snakes in the rainforest.

Bothrops Constrictor Arcoiris
Volunteers and travelers can experiment the ayahuasca at Paseo de Los Monos without the need for a tour


Exclusively nocturnal, the Kinkajous have a bad place in zoos by the fact that they cannot be exhibited. They are usually kept and forgotten in quarantines.  Paseo de los Monos has offered two towns away from the public for four of them: Kinky de Los Monos, Pamela Anderson de Los Monos, Tina Turner de Los Monos and Madonna de Los Monos.


After ten years of struggle, Paseo de Los Monos lost a battle: the Ministry of the Environment of Ecuador authorized cutting down the last primary forest and refuge for wild animals around Puyo, located on the edge of Paseo de los Monos.


The difference between an aquarium and a beautiful aquarium: decoration by Liseth.


Síguenos  en nuestra nueva página Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paseolosmonos/

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