We welcome everyone to visit and explore our park

In the middle of a dense tropical vegetation, we offer ecological and colourful trails with native forest that invites you to take a walk in nature. You can observe and take photos of different types of monkeys, coatis walking around, birds in the search of food, turtles, butterflies, frogs and a variety of ants and insects.

Spider monkeys explore the area, walking in arboreal tunnels up to the river Chilcayacu, a tributary of River Puyo. The river is clean and clear which permits our visitors to cool down and relax in the middle of the jungle like in a natural spa.

Paseo de Los Monos is the only place where you can discreetly observe monkeys hanging and jumping in the trees and be accompanied by coatis during the walk in the forest.

Entrance fee
The visitors’ entrances finance our shelter. The well-being of our animals living in their natural environment is transmitted to people who come to see them.
Adults: 4 $
Children : 5 to 11 years: 2 $

Opening times
9 am – 5 pm
We are open every day and look forward to welcoming you.

On Saturdays and Sundays we open our restaurant. You can find it at the entrance of the park, directly at the parking lot. Feel free to enjoy Amazonian food and drinks in the middle of the jungle.

Opening times
Saturday, Sunday and on holidays
10 am – 7 pm


We sell local cacao, made in Puyo from local farmers. 100% organic, natural and without added sugar. Don´t forget to buy a pack before you leave.