If you are concerned for the wildlife and you want to help preserve the animals, working as a zoo keeper in Paseo de los Monos is ideal for you. Here, in the midst of the exotic jungle, you will help us take care of rescued animals as you learn about their ecology and histories. Also, you will share with people of different cultures from around the world and live a cultural exchange with the local indigenous of the Amazonian communities.

We offer volunteering programs in the refugee to help out with our conservation and wildlife rescue activities. Our volunteers are an essential part in the progress of our projects and we offer various activities for the conservation of flora and fauna.

Itinerary in a day´s activities

– 8:00 am: disinfect and cut the animal´s food

– 9 am: Opening the rescue centre to the visitors

– 10 am: breakfast for the staff and volunteers

– 11 am: activities like cleaning the trails, building games and infrastructure for animals (environmental enrichment), housecleaning, cleaning the animal nutrition area, give water to the animals and guide the visitors.

– 2 pm: Lunch

– 3 pm: proceed with the remaining activities and provide the second meal for the animals.

– 5 pm: the centre closes to visitors.

– Special tasks include: caring of baby, sick or injured animals. Assisting to the veterinary/biologist in charge in the administration of treatments if needed.

What we offer to our volunteers

The volunteers and administrators live in the same house within the project and it has the capacity to receive up to 18 volunteers at once. In the middle of the jungle, the house is full equipped with industrial kitchen, laundry and dryer machine, resting area, hot showers, office, library, WIFI and a cinema.

The project offers to the volunteers the lodging and three meals. We don’t buy luxury products such as candies, chocolates, etc. However, you can get them at the town which is 10 minutes away. Every day the volunteers receive instructions from the coordinators in order to follow the tasks of the day. We will provide all the tools the volunteers will need as well as disinfecting products which will have to be used with responsibility. At the end of your time given here, you will receive a certificate which you can attach to your Curriculum Vitae.

Resting days

Volunteers have one day off a week to perform various activities like tourism and jungle walks or visits to indigenous communities. The town of Puyo offers several attractions such as botanical gardens, walk on Puyo River boardwalk, typical food etc.

Nightlife in Puyo is interesting because the town offers café-restaurant, bars and nightclubs for dancing and having fun.

The famous city of Baños in the province of Tunguragua is located at one hour from Puyo. This city offers many activities like extreme sports such as rafting, bungee jumping, and cycling, trekking and thermal baths. You will enjoy all the beauties of this city under the view of one of the biggest volcanoes in South America, the “Mama Tungurahua”.


English, Spanish and French are the main languages spoken in the project. It will be very useful for you to have a basic level in Spanish though it will not be necessary.

What to bring

Volunteers must have comfortable and waterproof clothes to work in the sun or in the rain, sturdy footwear such as walking boots and mosquito repellent will be useful in the field.

Duration of the volunteering

At least one week commitment.

Tropical Diseases and Vaccines

Check with your doctor or practice nurse for advice about travel vaccinations and health. It is recommended to do this eight weeks before you travel. Malaria is not a risk at project´s site.


Volunteers collaborate with an amount of 130 US dollars per person per week and 110 US dollars from fifth week. This will cover your expenses and 30% of this amount is invested in the project.

Payments can be made prior reservation to our bank account or cash on the first day of arrival.