ENVIRONMENTAL ENRICHMENT: When we talk about building toys for the animals, we mean it. Here, our last inventions and constructions for our animal´s welfare:

Tunnel for Kinky, the kinkajou: “Kinky de los Monos” has completed his rehabilitation period with success. The former circumstances of the country in means of environmental protection and conservation of wildlife, do not allow us to reintroduce the kinkajou into his habitat. For this reason, the team of Paseo de los Monos has invented and built a special tunnel with two environments, allowing him to choose if he wants to walk around and look the forest or to enter into the house where he has sleeping places and food.

Enrichment of substrate for the pecaries: these animals love mud because they can dig and find food and resting places. Spite them being into a natural environment, it is necessary to change them the substrates in their park in order to avoid development of stereotyping behavior and aggression. The treatment has worked just fine and they feel at comfort!

Tunnels for Sambo, the woolly monkey: The dominant male of the troops of woolly monkeys, Sambo, debuts his latest game. It is an aerial tunnel which connects the commedor from his park to the terrace of the main house, allowing him to have a better vision of the environment outside.


FORESTATION PROGRAM: we are keeping up with our forestation and plantation activities. We expect that we can harvest our own pineapples and bananas by the months of September/October. To go on, we will continue with other native fruits and medicinal plants.


SPIDER MONKEYS: Few months ago, Pancho became father since Lola gave birth to his first daughter “Anita”. Today, we want to present you to “Viviane”, his second daughter and the mother is Lisa.
Anita´s growing up really well and soon will be able to explore her surroundings by herself.
Until now, she is tightly attached to her mother Lola.
Little Viviane was born the 16th of june 2016 and her mother is Lisa. She is a healthy baby and Pancho couldn’t be more proud!


Taking on account that spider monkeys (Ateles belzebuth) are endangered species for three main reasons: poaching, habitat loss and for their slow reproductive rates; the welcoming of this two babies encourage us to keep on studying the conditions and requirements that this specie needs for their successful reproduction in captivity and survival of the babies.


In Paseo de los Monos we strongly believe that science and conservation of nature get along. This is the reason why we are looking for the best vets and biologists in order to comprehend more about the specimens we take care of in relationship to the changing environments.

Today, along with the veterinarian Dr. Darwin Villamarin from the Universidad Politécnica de Ambato, we are developing a research in order to understand the influence of the use of soils in the wildlife of Paseo de los Monos. Furthermore, we have examined blood, hair and feces samples of a representative number of animals for having a complete report on the animal´s health. This information will help us to develop better management protocols for the animals we protect.



All the team in Paseo de los Monos want to give a special thanks to a dear ex volunteer and friend. Not only he has donated his time and energy to make animals happy, but he also donated a big refrigerator for the project. This means a bid advance for the welfare of the human staff (workers and volunteers) that live inside this paradise called “Paseo de los Monos”.

Receive big hugs from Yvan, Johnathan, Irene, Carolina, the volunteers and the animals.