Inauguration of the new Clinic.

We can now treat wounded or sick animals more quickly and efficiently thanks to our modern clinic located just below the main house.


Mass arrival of new babies. 

This year, we received five chorongo babies, a baby capuchin, three small coatis, a coati infant and a tamarind (Grace Jones de Los Monos) who did not receive enough breast milk to build their immunities. Our task is difficult for them to survive and the attention they demand is constant.

Three chorongos and two coatis have already been integrated into groups.

Birth of a Capuchin baby. 

Selva is the newborn of the year, Mishki’s Son (or Daughter). They were isolated from their group to ensure the baby’s survival.


During the year, we released three kinkajous and one adult male coati (Pepito). Three new Kinkajous will be released; luck to them all.


The visitors’ entrances finance our shelter. The well-being of our animals living in their natural environment is transmitted to people who come to see them. About 10,000 tourists have been able to enjoy these shows during the year 2018. The Paseo de Los Monos is the only place where we can discreetly observe monkeys struggling in the trees and be accompanied by coatis during the walk in the forest.

Fight against the oil companies.

The Paseo de Los Monos has joined the WAORANIS Indians and the AGUANTA Group to fight against the expansion of the oil companies in the “protected” areas and in the Mera region where the Block 28 is under construction. Pictures of Ivan Castaneira.

Our precious volunteers 

All this is achieved thanks to our valuable volunteers committed to the conservation of nature and their commitment to animal welfare. Many thanks to all those who participate in our volunteer program.


The famous journalist Claude Béda of the newspaper 24 came to report on the founder of Paseo de Los Monos. We share it on:

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