APRIL 2018:

JOHNNY CASH the tamarind monkey arrives in a deplorable state. It will take us two months to save it.

  • DSCN4524IMG-20181111-WA0018JUNE 2018:

    LISA, the spider monkey, comes out of her enclosure and prefers to live in the park of los chorongos.

    JULY 2018:

    PANCHO and LOLA, the spider monkeys, again fathers of a beautiful CLAUDIA SCHIFFER DE LOS MONOS.

    Claudia Claudia3IMG-20181111-WA0001

    SEPTEMBER 2018:

    GRECIA ROBLES veterinary is integrated into the working group.

    • DSCN4906

    OCTOBER 2018:

    – After several years in captivity and rehabilitation without contact with humans, KINKY and TINA TURNER, the kinkajous, return in the jungle.

    • TinaTurner


    FOREST GUMP, adult white capuchin integrated to the MARCELITO group (chorongos).

    MARYLINE, JERONIMO and LEONARDO, baby monkeys adopted by SAMBO, DORITA and BABY.

    WILL SMITH, baby tamarind from Napo.

    AMADEUS Tamarind integrated to the group of MANCHA and JOHNNY CASH.

    SHARON STONE, squirrel monkey.

    ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, youthful Kinkajou, integrated to the PAMELA site.

    • DSC_0681 Enrike GroupeSambo IMG-20181111-WA0010 Leonardo Pepito Will

    NOVEMBER 2018:

    – Inauguration of the ORCHIDEARIO with the plants delivered by the MAE.

    – As always, the precious help of our volunteers.

    – Babies growing.

    • DSCN4976 DSCN4980