Liberation of a Sloth

On September 2, 2017, an adult male sloth arrived from the Environmental Police, who was being trafficked by local people. After being checked in good health, the animal was released into Los Monos reserve where it will be protected and will find enough food to survive.


Arrival of a new squirrel monkey

A family from Quito visits Paseo de los Monos to deliver a baby squirrel monkey. The small monkey was separated from his mother at birth and trafficked to the capital (Quito) to be sold as a pet. Today, the monkey whose name is Paquito, has joined another baby capuchin monkey. Together they are in process of rehabilitation in order to be re-grouped into a troop of monkeys in the jungle.

mono ardilla

Sanitary control of the rescued snakes in Paseo de los Monos

The rescued snakes from the Paseo de los Monos receive the necessary care to guarantee their well-being in order to be able to release healthy specimens back to the jungle. The animals have been dewormed and identified along with the respective environmental enrichment according to their needs.

rescate de serpientes

Bothriopsis bilineata


Boa constrictor constrictor

Deforestation in Puyo

The future of the jungle in Ecuador is worrying because large areas of jungle are being cutted down for  development of mining projects. Today, it is the turn of the jungle in the Paseo de los Monos, which is the target of urban development and the entrance of roads. This fragmentation and deforestation of native forest will be irrecoverable, affecting negatively the health of the ecosystem that surrounds Paseo de los Monos, the contamination of the soil and the waters in Chilcayacu River. The authorities have no contingency plan for the species of fauna and flora that are affected by extractive and exploitative activities. The last native forest of Puyo is gone.


Some photos of our volunteering program