PARROTS AND MACAWS (Family Psittacidae)

This family of Amazonian birds is diverse inside the rainforest. They are colourful, with short thick peaks and with the shape of a hook. These birds are gregarious and they prefer to fly in flocks in the lowlands of the rainforest. The members of the Psittacidae family are noisy and like to eat a variety of fruits and seeds. Many of these species of birds go down to the floor in order to feed from the “saladeros” (a natural mineral formation) that are found along the rivers. The clay that the parrots and macaws consume from these “saladeros” help them keep their digestive system clean.
The parrots and macaws are hunted for their colourful feathers and also they are taken away from the forests to be kept as pets. They are able to create a bond with their “owners” and can even learn to say words. Ecuador’s legislation criminalizes the possession of wildlife in captivity, but in the case of these birds, once they learn to speak it is impossible to integrate them into a reintroduction program in their habitat.